Flight Discipline (English Edition) por Tony T. Kern

January 19, 2020

Flight Discipline (English Edition) por Tony T. Kern

Titulo del libro: Flight Discipline (English Edition)

Autor: Tony T. Kern

Número de páginas: 448 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 22, 1998

Editor: McGraw-Hill Education

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Tony T. Kern con Flight Discipline (English Edition)

Flight Discipline is the complete tool kit for any aviator, whether military, commercial, or recreational, to develop the crack discipline needed to be a safe and effective aviator. Major Tony Kern analyses the causes of poor flight discipline, gives chilling case studies of the consequences, and lays out a plan for individual improvement. Key words are italicized and review questions included for each chapter. An unequalled guide to this mainspring of good piloting.